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Updated: 22-10-2006
The community service activities of Al Fajer Properties included a charity fund for the ailing and underprivileged - Al Awlaa fund awards, Iftar Meals' distribution of 150,000 during the Holy month of Ramadan and 16 prisoners' release of different nationalities by allocating AED 350,000.

Commenting on Al Awlaa, which received widespread response from the UAE and even overseas, Dr. Abdul Razaq Madani, Director, Dubai Hospital, a member of the high-profile Al Awlaa committee said: 'Al Awlaa benefited 80 people across various nationalities and the total donation approved by the committee reached AED 1.75 million, way above the AED 1 million originally set by Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum. The fund came as a unique humanitarian gesture to many suffering from different kinds of ailments including leukemia, kidney failure, and hepatitis among others.'

The Al Awlaa fund which has been allocated from the personal fund of High Highness Sheikh Hasher gives priority to health related cases, with a special focus on single mothers, cases requiring basic legal assistance, special needs children and covering educational costs for the underprivileged.
A few of the beneficiaries of the Al Awlaa initiative in the last three weeks included a 23 -year old Afghan national suffering from Leukemia, He, required AED 150,000 for bone marrow transplant. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian & Charity Establishment allocated AED 30,000, The Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation allocated AED 50,000 and the Al Fajer properties evaluated his case and sanctioned AED 70,000 for the treatment. Similarly, a widow who was awarded AED 24,540 for her mother's cardiac surgery, an Indian national suffering from kidney failure who was awarded AED 50,000, for treatment of Renal Transplant complication.

Commenting on Al Fajer's Ramadan campaign, Dr. Shahram Abdullah Zadeh, Chief Executive Officer of Al Fajer Properties said: 'The fund attracted a substantial and overwhelming number of requests from various nationalities and various economic groups. The requests continue to pour in through various sources and agencies in the charity. In the 8 sessions of committee meetings, we have been able to contribute to the alleviation of pain to 80 families, some of them afflicted by critical illnesses. We believe we have been able to help people who have no wherewithal to tide over the dire situations they are in and this brings us enormous amount of satisfaction in this Holy Month of Ramadan.'

The focus of Al Awlaa is on health-related cases, mothers without any support and other social problems. Apart from receiving cases on its own, Al Fajer Properties have also partnered with various organizations, which include Dubai Women's association and Red Crescent Society. These organizations refer cases to the Al Awlaa committee which in turn decides on deserving cases.

Elaborating on the fund's operations, Dr. Abdullah Al Khayat, Director, Al Wasl Hospital and member of the high-profile charity committee said: 'Al Fajer's generosity has brought a ray of hope for those people living among us who have no support to turn to in times of personal crises. Thanks to Sheikh Hasher Maktoum's personal commitments, the fund functions with transparency and before awarding help each and every case is thoroughly studied by a group of experts from various expertise and backgrounds. We have plenty of cases coming in every day and we do hope to be of help to those deserving people suffering from misfortune.'

As part of its Ramadan activities, Al Fajer Properties also distributed 150,000 Iftar meals to various mosques in Dubai neighborhoods, Dubai Ports, Red Crescent, Dubai Women's Association and several labor camps. On an average Al Fajer Properties distributed some 5,000 Iftar meals every day.

Dr. Shahram also added: 'As part of the corporate social responsibilities set by Sheikh Hasher during the Holy month of Ramadan we have managed to reach out to the community and I take this opportunity to thank Dubai Women's Association, Red Crescent and the entire group for their personal dedication and daily late working hours. It is this spirit that drove our Ramadan activities and we are indeed happy that we have been able to spread the message of love and sharing throughout the multicultural community.'