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Updated: 01-11-2006
Leading equestrian companies from 28 countries will be launching new innovations at the fair scheduled to take place from December 11 to 13, 2006.

VETNIL from Brazil has the honour of being the first-ever South American company to exhibit in Al Fares Dubai 2006. VETNIL is one of the leading laboratories of veterinary products in Brazil and a market leader in equine health products. The company also focuses on horse breeding at its farm in Louveira. The VETNIL group, made up of three Brazilian companies that manufacture veterinary medication and products, looks to increase its exports to the Middle East.

La Rural, the oldest exhibition organizer of South America and the organizer of Nuestros Caballos, has teamed up with Al Fares Dubai to promote the show in Argentina. La Rural was founded in the 19th century and today hosts the leading equine exhibition in South America, Nuestros Caballos.

Vitafloor is the first company to register from Norway. It will showcase a product for the preventive, restorative and medical treatment of larger animals, especially horses. Vitafloor products are well known for treating injuries, from tendon and ligament damage, to problems with muscles and bones.

James and Janine Varden of Varden Safaris from Zimbabwe bring to the region the best riding and cultural experiences to be had in the Mavuradonha wilderness.

Reflecting its importance as a major outsourcing centre for equestrian products and services, China General International Co. ltd is the first-ever Chinese company to register at Al Fares. The Chinese have over 3,000 years of equestrian history and are renowned for developing artefacts illuminating the horse's significance in art, warfare, leisure activities and sport.

'Registration by new countries is a sign of confidence in Al Fares Dubai as they look to gain prominence within the Middle East and Africa. Al Fares Dubai will be providing visitors and exhibitors with optimum conditions for intensifying business relations with other members of the equine industry,' said Satish Khanna, General Manager of Al Fajer Information & Services, organisers of the three-day event.

As newcomers and previous participants are looking to leverage on the Equine business platform by gaining new business leads, international trading companies and organizations from Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, India and Australia have emphatically expressed their support and endorsement of Al Fares Dubai, a premier exhibition for horse products and services in Asia and Africa.