About Us

Through the years Al Fajer Enterprises, a fully nationally owned company established in the year 1970 has shared the vision of a growing nation and has been an integral part of its economic development. From it's pioneering contribution to the fulfillment of construction standards in the UAE, Al Fajer has developed and diversified into various fields of commerce such as manufacturing, designing, travel, tourism and cargo handling, information services and trading.

These companies are dynamic testimonies to Al Fajer's sincere and uncompromising commitment to excellence. Its service operations have always been characterized by quality, discipline and efficiency. These values evolved from Al Fajer's devotion to the development of its manpower resources.

Al Fajer Enterprises also regularly provides its people with adequate local and overseas specialized training and equipment.

What Al Fajer Enterprises is now but a glimpse of it's ultimate strength in the future. But with whatever it achieves for itself, Al Fajer's company policies and objectives will always be dedicated to the economic growth and global recognition of a young nation.